Quality Engineer

Company Name:
SITE Personnel/MAP Engineering
Quality Engineer Lebanon, MO $50-60,000
Position Summary: The primary result expected from the QA Engineer will be implementing, maintaining and monitoring continuous improvement activities and quality systems. The primary result expected from the QA Engineer will be effective and efficient Quality systems.

Essential Job Requirements
Education: 4 Year Degree Preferred Travel: Moderate travel may be required
Relevant Job Experience: Previous experience working in a Quality Assurance function in a manufacturing
environment is required.
Relevant Skills: Excellent organizational, leadership and multi-tasking skills.
Physical Requirements: Combination of office and plant environment
NOTE: Plant environment is climate controlled and may include, on some occasion, exposure to heat, noise and odors.
Other: Enter any other position requirements.
Language: Ability to read, speak and comprehend English is required
Check Tools Required: Desktop PC o Laptop PC o Cell Phone o Other: Click here to enter text.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities (not intended to be all inclusive):
1. Analyze statistical data and product specifications to determine standards and establish quality and reliability objectives of finished product.
2. Develop and communicate quality metrics to facilitate quality improvement activities.
3. Coordinate effective communication with customers and suppliers, conduct visits/audits as required, assure compliance with documented requirements and participate in improvement activities.
4. Design and conduct quality related training.
5. Act as internal resource to support manufacturing in compliance to all specifications and standards, coordinate quality objectives and activities to resolve production problems, maximize product reliability and reduce associated costs.
6. Serve as internal resource on developing/implementing/maintaining quality systems necessary to support ISO 9001 requirements.
7. Support and utilize lean initiatives in all activities.
8. Coordinate development/maintenance of all facility procedures, documentation and work instructions necessary to support quality system.

Don't Be Fooled

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